With helloStandy the future is stand in front of you

Enter in the helloStandy’s world and find a new way of work


helloStandy is a standing desk allows you to stand up comfortably while working. The most popular companies in the world are already changing the way to make their employees working.

Discover the comfort of a standing desk. Is it a contradiction? Absolutely not. It will make you feel more active and less tired because you will obtain the muscle tone you lost due to a sedentary lifestyle.

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Nowadays a sedentary lifestyle is being a problem. Many researches prove that using a standing desk could reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer and it even increases of the 20% your productivity.

Improve your health

To work standing up reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and circulatory problems, increases the consume of calories, it prevents diabetes and obesity, it helps to maintain a right posture, and more

Increase your productivity

20% more productive, that’s why most of the biggest companies in the world have already abolished traditional desks for their employers.

Everywhere with helloStandy

Suitable for all kinds of notebook and laptop. Easy to carry, thin. Its main feature is the design, innovative, practical and solid.

Starting at 29,90€. Buy more and save!

We couldn’t imagine it easier than it is

Easy to setup, Standy will be always ready for use in front of you. Standy can be opened and closed with a simple move.
It weighs only 400gr and it is entirely made with recycled material.


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thinks about helloStandy

“Scopri la comodità di una standing desk e di lavorare in piedi. Un controsenso? Assolutamente no. Ti farà sentire più attivo e dinamico.”

“La nuova, rivoluzionaria piattaforma di cartone riciclato pensata e realizzata in Italia che trasformerà qualsiasi mobile o scrivania in una funzionale standing desk.”

“Un’unica struttura in grado di mutare la sua forma in un solo gesto. Facile da trasportare, immediata nell’uso e ad impatto zero, in quanto totalmente riciclabile.”